I partner with people who are ready to design their life in their own way, and then go live it (with style). My clients are incredibly unique, have big dreams, and a passion for life, but they don’t always know how to let themselves really go for it. I’m obsessed with simplifying the complex, helping people get out of their own way, and find the joy inside their needs.

We work through the lens of the inside out (Life Design), or from the outside in (Style Coaching). Both ways get you to where you want to be, so no matter where we start, you’ll end up with a life that is uniquely and authentically YOU inside and out.


I’ve developed The Live Vibrantly Method in order to allow for your whole unique self to exist fully. However you work with me, we use the Live Vibrantly Method as our framework to create a safe container to play and explore with how you can go out and wholeheartedly live your life’s purpose, vibrantly.

I’m anti-worry
you can be too

I’m Ellie.

I’m fierce, vibrant, and bold. I’m an advocate for the individual and someone who you want in your corner. I’m a lot of different things and I’m into it. I’m a no BS Nurturer, a soulful doer, and a pragmatic optimist.

By being intuitive, a lover of spotting patterns, and a little bit scrappy, I’ve created a highly successful coaching business that gets results. I believe in who I am and what I offer, that everyone can get vibrant, and that life is as much about beauty as it is about practicality. . I’ve lived a LOT of life, but since this might take a while, feel free to learn more about me at your own pace by clicking here, follow me on IG, or chat with me.

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Your Questions Answered

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What is coaching?

Broadly speaking coaching is a process that allows an individual or group of people to reflect and gain awareness of who they are, what is important to them, their strengths, challenges, options open to them and what action to take in order to make the changes they want in their work or life.

As it can be easier to understand what something is by what it’s not, here’s a bit more context.

Coaching isn’t counseling - that’s for medical professionals. Although some techniques used in the therapy world overlap with coaching, in counseling, they’re used to diagnose and resolve - coaching is about acknowledging and moving forward.

Coaching isn't consulting. A good coach is someone who KNOWS you have the answers, but that you just need a little help to get to them. I’m not in the business of telling you what to do, instead, I create the container, ask the questions, and observe patterns for you to move forward.

What coaching does do is focus on the present. Coaching focuses on the here-and-now and what’s ahead, rather than what’s behind.

What qualifications do you have?

Thank you for asking!

I’m a huge advocate for training and accreditation - I want to be of the biggest service to my clients and believe that accreditation and constant training is essential for that.

I hold my PCC from the ICF (International Coaching Federation), and I’m working towards my MCC. The ICF is the gold standard of coaching.

I completed my training through IGC (Inner Glow Circle). IGC is a powerful, female and business-centered coach training company. They are fully accredited by the ICF (International Coaching Federation).
I’m constantly investing in myself as a coach so I can invest back into my clients. I’m currently attaining my trauma-informed coaching certification.

Asides from coaching qualifications I hold an MA in Human Geography from the University of Edinburgh, I’m a 200 hr RYT (currently studying for my 500 hr RYT), and the owner of too many books (most of which I’ve read). In addition to my qualifications, I’ve scaled multiple businesses to 7-figures, calmed my traumatized adopted pitbull back to sweetness, and learned how to live vibrantly with depression.

What’s your specialism?

I work under the umbrella of “Life Coach”. Within that, I’m a Life Design & Style Coach. Simply put, I help you design the life you want and then go get it. Style coaching is all about using the external world around us to aid the big work (and make the world a little more beautiful). I believe with my whole heart, ass, and soul, that our life doesn’t work in silo - if something is showing up in one area of our life, it’s showing up elsewhere. That’s why I love the term ‘Life Coach’, all topics are relevant if they’re the thing you want to work through.

If you’re not sure if your situation is appropriate for life coaching, let’s chat.

How does it normally work?

We always work within my Live Vibrantly Method, you simply select the most powerful approach for you. This could be through my signature group coaching program, 1:1 packages (for both Style Coaching and Life Design), online courses (coming soon), retreats (coming soon), or VIP days. I love to get on the phone, so take a look at the details and book a call with me - we’ll work through what would be a great fit for you. You’ll schedule the sessions through my calendar service.

Each session is held online and is generally 60-minutes (some specific sessions are 75 or 90-minutes). My top priority is your comfort and ability to get the most from this process. I believe that in order for that to happen you need to know what’s coming up. I always share an overview of our total time together, details of what’s next, and provide plenty of touchpoints for your questions.

As coaching is based on moving you forward, you’ll be making personal commitments that I’ll help you stay accountable to. Between sessions, you’ll work on your commitments and keep track of progress and learnings.

All sessions are confidential. I record each session for you to have as a playback. If you would prefer to not have the session recorded, please let me know. We’ll sign a contract ahead of your first session. Your comfort with the process is my priority.

Do you offer in-person sessions?

I’m 100% online for groups and 1:1 clients. I work with clients all over the world and I want to be fair to everyone. I work with all of my coaches online and it’s a deeply powerful experience. Zoom is my default mode of communication.

However, there are always opportunities to work with me in-person via speaking gigs, retreats, and VIP days. Reach out to me and we’ll chat. You should also follow me on IG to hear more about the latest offerings.

Are you actually inclusive?

I aim to be with my whole heart. I’m value-led and aim to live and operate my business in a way that constantly and truly invites people in. That being said, I’m a Whyte cis-gendered womxn Immigrant who has fully benefitted from global privilege and continues to benefit from my new home in the US. I own this and continue to strive to actually change the system (email me to discuss!). I’m doing all that I can think of to maximize that whatever your identities, truths, and needs, I can meet you where I should. Whatever I can do to make you feel included in this coaching world, I’m in.

I offer a sliding scale of payments based on need, only employ POC, invest 10% of my profits in BIPOC womxn centered organizations, am committed to anti-racism, and continue to actively promote melanated voices.

Is coaching for me?

Yes! Coaching is for everyone! Let’s chat about (you can email me too: ellie@elliehighamcoachingcom), where your “It’s not for me” thoughts are coming from! Seriously, coaching is a gamechanger.

What is Style Coaching?

Style Coaching is about putting your self-expression and adornment back into your hands. No more, wear this if you’re pear-shaped. I believe that however your body looks should be celebrated and not censored. Style coaching is a deeply empowering way to embody who you are instead of worrying about what you should wear. I don’t tell you what to wear, I ask you the questions so that you wear what you want. Book a call if you’d like to hear more.