Why curiosity is Queen!

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You know curiosity is good and powerful. You wouldn’t be here if you didn’t. BUT sometimes curiosity can feel a little hard to embrace and get, well, curious about.

So I’m here to remind you WHY curiosity is so important. Sometimes terms start to lose meaning after a while. They lose a bit of their punch and their statement when you hear them over and over again, so this is simply an invitation to get re-connected with your curiosity by going back to WHY.

The first big reason why curiosity is queen is that it’s the basis for Living Vibrantly. Living Vibrantly is reveling in who you truly are. That means a celebration of all of you, all the time. Hard to do if you’re not curious about what that means.

My framework for coaching goes to build awareness -> find agency -> take intentional action. Curiosity is the foundation for all of those. Awareness – you have to be curious to build awareness, they kind of go hand in hand. If you’re not curious, you’re not exploring and you stay on the surface without really getting to grips about what’s going on. Agency – your power in a situation or the reminder that you do have a choice requires you to get curious about the situation and how you could exert some influence. And intention action needs curiosity for you to ask yourself how to make sure this happens.

So, let’s take a step back and think through why curiosity can sometimes be elusive. Everyone is unique, but here’s the major reason why I’ve seen my clients and myself get a little skittish about curiosity. It can be scary. When we’re curious, we’re poking and prodding around the unknown, we’re actively leaping into uncertainty because we’re in explorer mode. Unknowns and uncertainty tend to spike our fears and our nervous system on a subconscious level and that brings in a knee jerk reaction. Our little safety goblin comes stream rolling in and suddenly you’re not feeling it, you don’t have the time, you’re not in the mood, etc, etc. You’re feeling resistant and so you drop it.

So let’s reconnect to why curiosity is so important as almost always getting acquainted with the why gets you over that resistance.

I’m going to break this down into four areas of life to make it really tangible and inspire some action. These are the four areas of life we’re exploring in my How to Live Vibrantly Group Program, so you know these are important.

  • Self: I talk a lot about self-compassion and self-kindness. As someone with a raging bitch of an inner-critic I can be incredibly hard on myself and that more often than not causes me to get in my own way. When I remain curious about myself, I stop judging myself and actually start to listen to what I need or want instead of pushing it to the side. Getting curious is critical in this self-learning journey.
  • Relationships: I’m talking about all types of relationships here. As soon as you put other ppl in the mix things can start to get confusing and complex. Think about how often you’ve been hurt by a throwaway comment by someone, or by the tone in an email, or a joke that maybe went too far. It’s so easy for us to assume what someone else means and take it as the truth. Instead when we actively practice curiosity with that person we start to really engage and communicate. Which is really what we want from others.
  • Work / or your sense of purpose: If you’re anything like me, you don’t take the easy path. You want your work to be multiple things to you and that often means doing a lot of very challenging things, that can just feel hard. Instead of beating yourself up for not knowing things, switch your brain instead to get curious about all the things you get to learn. It’s a pretty powerful tool when you’re feeling a little overwhelmed by it all. Ask yourself, where can I get curious here
  • Style: Style for me is the ultimate expression of self and not giving a shit about the rules. We’re told so often how we should dress and present…if you’re a pear, wear these things…blah, blah…I’m an advocate for whatever you want as long as you feel good about yourself. So, instead of saying yes or no because of some outdated fashion rule about the length of skirts, instead get curious about what would feel good, what you like to wear. What makes you feel amazing, and run with that!

So that’s a super quick snapshot of why curiosity is amazing and how it can serve us every day. So, just get curious about anything and everything. Once you start getting curious in one area it often follows in another area. If you’re finding it hard to get cozy in these times, then get curious about being curious.

If you want a little help in this area, sign up for my 5-day curiosity challenge where I’ll take you through some daily exercises on how to get curiosity in the four areas of your life. It’ll be fun! Find details in my bio!


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