Create your DREAM LIFE: What is the Live Vibrantly Method?

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Fed up with antiquated personal development tactics and how-to manuals on creating your dream life? Ready to live your life on your your terms and start showing up in the world more radiantly? Today, Seattle-based life coach Ellie Higham breaks down her Live Vibrantly Method, explaining what it is and how she helps provide you with the knowledge, permission, and support to create your dream life on your own terms.
Step 1: Vibrant Ease

Alternatives: Vibrant Embrace, Vibrant Evaluate, Vibrant Embody

Let go of all that isn’t vibrantly you in favor learning to trust you know and understand yourself best. Who do you become when you step away from the noise? What rises to the surface when you sink deeper into stillness?

Here you learn to shift your focus away from productivity and efficiency in today’s “do-more” society, in favor of uncovering and celebrating who you are from a place of acute self-awareness, calm, and presence.

Step 2: Vibrant Evoke

Alternatives: Vibrant Equip, Vibrant Express

Ask yourself: What does my version of a vibrant life look like once I’ve learned to trust myself above others? This key step in the Live Vibrantly method is Vibrant Evoke, where you become crystal clear on your values, needs, and purpose.

What do you like? What do you not? Most importantly, how can you invite more of the former into your world, instead of allowing clutter and confusion to stand in the way of true fulfillment.

Step 3: Vibrant Embody

Once you rediscover your right to complete agency in your life and tap into your core needs, will you then be able to release anything that doesn’t align with your vision of a vibrant life? How can you confidently step away from that which is no longer serving you? How can you continue to say “no” to distractions and confidently TK.

Step 4: Vibrant Engage

How can you continue to live a vibrant life, while creating genuine connection with others? Here you learn to interact with the outside world — in your career, in your relationships, in line at the grocery store — without losing your strengthened sense of self.

You understand the importance of celebrating your individualism, with no desire to revel in isolationism. This step challenges you by asking: what does it mean to be vibrantly you when others are also inevitably vibrant, too?

Step 5: Vibrant Enrich

Living an exceptionally vibrant life means focusing on the long race. How can you utilize and refine the tools and techniques you’ve learned in order to welcome new possibilities, practice longevity, and continue to stay motivated? When you enrich your world, you create more depth and meaning in your everyday life in order to uncover the most fulfilling reality possible.


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