What To Do When You Have a Full Closet and Nothing to Wear


I get asked about this a lot. It’s such a “thing” for so many people, which is why it is so often the lead marketing tactic for so many wardrobe rental companies. Did you know the closet organisation business is a multi-billion situation right now. What’s going on?

So many of my clients feel this same sentiment of having a bursting wardrobe, but absolutely nothing to wear once they actually peer inside of it. Let’s face it: style can be overwhelming A.F., and quickly spark a major shame cycle for all those looking to feel more positive about their wardrobes overall. Our brain heads on a downward spiral of questions and accusations:

“Why do I have so much stuff?” / “What’s wrong with me? / “Why can’t I see the good stuff?”

No one likes to feel badly about themselves or the clothing hanging in their closets. I don’t want that for you, and I’m sure you don’t want that, either. So, let’s figure this out! 

Before we dive in, it’s important to remember: we’re going high-level here. And, while going high-level is always valuable, if you’re looking to get more granular and take a deep-dive into your own closet and style values, be sure to book a call with me

Let’s break down the concept of “having a full closet” and “nothing to wear.” 

Statement: I have a closet stuffed to the brim.

My question: Is this actually a problem? We’re taught that a capsule wardrobe and a beautifully organised space is vital. And, if you have too much stuff, you’re a terrible person or incredibly messy or some other false statement. While I’m all about a clear space being soothing, your first question should actually be whether or not this is an issue for you, or if you’re simply being told it’s something you should do.

My personal wardrobe is stuffed! I’m a thrifter at heart, so I love clothes that have a story. Some individuals would be horrified at the sheer amount of items I own, but I love it! The power in owning your personal style is that you get to have the clothes and wardrobe you want. So, ask yourself openly and honestly: is my wardrobe too full for me? Forget others’ opinion for a second. 

If it is legitimately too full, is the problem organization or too much stuff? If it’s organization, don’t rush out to buy clear buckets as the solution. Get real clear on how you organise. Do you like to see your wardrobe? Does every item need a dedicated place? Think about how you use your own individual space. Get curious! And when all things fail, go with your gut here (or email me). 

If the issue is actually “too much stuff”, again get curious. Too often we dive into action without working through what’s’ really going on. (Anyone else guilty of dumping the majority of their wardrobe on the bed and then getting overwhelmed or busy or bored, and everything lies there until you shove it on the ground when it’s time to sleep—GUILTY!)

So, get curious about why you’re holding onto things first, then you’ll find it much easier to let things go. Are you an “if, then” person? For example: if I lose ten pounds, then I can wear that item that’s a touch too small— NOPE! You get to honor your body right now. Pack things away for six months, so you don’t feel shit about yourself for the first of time.

Maybe you’re a  “good enough” person? I get it…no one wants to spend a lot of money right now, and we don’t need things to be shiny and perfect. I’m a big fan of the idea that you shouldn’t let perfection get in the way of good, but if you’re not actually wearing it, it’s kind of just falling into the “good enough” bucket, and is it actually good enough if you choose not to wear it?

“But wait, what about the memories attached” kinda person? I feel you on this, and you have the power to hold onto things that you value, but let’s really own our stuff. For years, I kept my mum’s shirts in my closet because I didn’t want to let them go. Then, I’d forget about them, and they’d gather dust. My point is that you get to keep the memories, but I encourage you to ask yourself: how you can truly honour the memories AND live in the now by creating space for your current needs. 

Any of these situations ring a bell? I thought they might.

Statement: I have nothing to wear. 

I feel your pain and frustration. This is a MUCH bigger question that I’m gonna tackle in my upcoming style challenge. 

For now though, you get to just love bomb yourself. You do have something to wear and you will look fab. You can trust your choices—have faith in that.

When in doubt, come back to how you want to feel…and go with that. So much more soon! In the meantime, let’s talk about this. Send me a note and let me know what’s coming up for you.



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