LIFE design


Coaching at the highest, most bespoke level, so that you’re fully equipped and undoubtedly supported to design your vibrant life on your own terms.


1:1 Vibrancy Now Coaching is an exclusive program for those individuals who are ready to do the work and go deep. A limited number of spots are reserved on my calendar each year for 1:1 clients so that those who are committed to change receive my utmost attention and care.


3 months of dedicated, face-to-face, hyper-personalized coaching. This means: 1-on-1 calls, integration weeks to get to work, and plenty of exercises to keep you motivated, inspired, and moving forward.
My phone number: That’s right, we’re in it to win it! Let’s message when you need it and make sure we’re getting the most out of all hours we have — even working ones.
Bonus goodies galore! This means: direct access to my library of vibrant resources only available to 1:1 clients.
Life-long early-access and deals to all the latest programs, retreats, VIP days, and more.
Exclusive invitations into alumni coaching packages.

Is Vibrancy now

coaching for me?

This IS for you if..
You’re ready to write your story on your own terms and design your dream life.
You’re prepared to get open and vulnerable.
You fancy practical optimism with a mix of dry (and sometimes dark) humour.
You believe that you’re part of something bigger and want to make a positive difference in the world.
You’re cool with my dog occasionally snoring in the background.
This IS NOT for you if..
You don’t fancy direct communication and truth-truth.
You’re not into British accents.
You’re looking for a generic, one-size-fits all quick fix to transformation.
You’re not up for open dialogue about how to make this process as good for you as possible.
You don’t believe that you have power and influence over your life.

So, you’re here.

You’ve made it to the commitment part. I’m assuming that if you’ve made it this far, you’re all in, but may be looking for one last sweetener to pick up your pen and begin writing the page with me. Because we’re not a one-size-fits all type of show, no individual client’s results look exactly the same as the next, but if you’re wondering what results can look like, here are a few my clients have made happen in the past:

  • Reported their best business months today, including upping their income by $$$$
  • Finally got pregnant
  • Said “yes” to the job that felt more aligned and negotiated a higher salary
  • Gave the axe to toxic relationships in life, and found lasting love.
  • Let go of the comparison game once and for all
  • Leveled-up
  • Finally got a good night’s sleep


Hit the button below to book a call and let me know you’re ready to do the work. Together, we’ll figure out if 1:1 Vibrancy Now coaching is the right fit. If not, no hard feelings! I’ll either point you to the resources that feel more aligned (whether it’s free videos, a simple worksheet, another program, or even another coach!) or figure out a way that we can work together on your terms.


“Working with Ellie was a life-changing experience for me.

She helped me move through a complicated intersection at a time when I was trying to decide how to move forward with my career, while also investing in a long-standing personal goal of going back to school. She is incredibly personable, and we connected instantly – I knew that I could talk to her about the things I felt overwhelmed with, and that she would see the best in me. Ellie was relentlessly supportive, motivating, and instinctively knew what I needed to stay accountable – she blew me away with her ability to make connections between the different parts of my life, simply helping me to see the many possibilities and potentials that I have, and helping me build a plan for how to bring my visions to life, even if they needed to be broken down into smaller and more manageable chunks. I would highly recommend Ellie – it was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I will continue to work with her in the future.”


Seattle + Geneva, USA + Switzerland

“This was my first experience of coaching, and I loved it.

As a teacher I wasn’t sure how I could justify what I saw as the expense, but Ellie coached me through this. We’re so quick to say that ‘we can’t afford’ things but Ellie helped me see the value of coaching in terms of my overall priorities. I loved working with her. She put me at ease straight-away and it was easy to open up. I’m sold on coaching – I feel so much more powerful now!”


Seattle, USA

“I am a freelancer now and have never regretted my decision. Thanks Ellie!

“I have always been a quick decision maker, but when I was making the decision to go freelance, I felt that I needed the right support to think through my decision. With Ellie’s help, we went through a process of understanding and informed decision making- and it was great. 


Sydney, Australia

“I decided to work with Ellie because she’s extremely insightful, an excellent listener, and I knew she would challenge me in a loving and supportive manner.

The biggest thing I learned from working with Ellie is how to detach from the desired outcomes for myself and my clients. I learned to trust that whatever happens, whether it’s what I desired or not, is part of a my journey. I’ve been able to take pressure off of myself to facilitate massive break through’s for every client I work with by understanding that simply holding space for them may be exactly what they need in order to have a break through.

Melissa C