What if I told you it only takes six weeks to design the life you’ve always imagined you’d have, one that’s as beautiful as it is practical?

So what does living vibrantly mean, exactly?

If I could only get things to stop for a moment, I’d catch up. Once my inbox hits zero, I’d have time to tackle life’s continuous curveballs. When I uncover the ideal how-to on Buzzfeed, something will click and I’ll understand how to be happy and successful at last. Sound familiar?

This constant buzz of overwhelm (do more, be more, increased productivity, maximum efficiency) matched with the abyss of underwhelm (what do I actually want? When will I be happy? Who am I?) is an all-too-familiar struggle for creatives, entrepreneurs, and achievers living in 2020.

The truth?

We’re in a constant state of minor panic without even fully realising it. How do you make smart decisions and move forward when you feel lost, uncertain, and unsure. What’s more, how do you begin to uncover what the next steps even are, or what it is you’re stepping towards?

The solution… so often feels like a confusing combination of jumping off a cliff (giving up the job, moving continents), small life hacks that carry outweighed impact (find ultimate joy when you have an organized sock drawer), and somehow becoming a completely different person. So, how then do you prioritise when so many people are feeding you diametrically opposed “how-to-be-you” techniques, the self-help books are piling up, and it feels as though there’s so much you need to do now to invite tangible change?

It’s simple really: You’re the solution.

You being you, uncovering what you want and need, and understanding how you are going to do it. That’s the ticket. If you’re a doer and anything like my clients — someone who wants to make the most of life — then I bet you’re thinking, “That’s great, but how do I…?” That’s why my coaching method is entrenched in the tangibility of the “hows” with the big concepts of the “whats” and “whys” that push you towards action.

I’m here to offer up the opportunity to Live Vibrantly, to revel in who you truly are and design a beautiful and practical life, through approachable coaching and personalized techniques.

To Live Vibrantly means something different to everyone, how they get there varies immensely, and how they stay there even more so. I so strongly believe that everyone can, should, and deserves to live a vibrant life. Are you ready to start building yours?

This is a coaching program that goes so much beyond typical life coaching, which as a genre, while powerful, has severe limitations.


A well-written and thoroughly researched self-help guide might tell you how to get results, but doesn’t exactly explain how to help yourself continuously, no matter what life throws your way. In all honesty, self-help guides and antiquated coaching techniques can be infantilising — “just do this thing, and it’ll work, but don’t bother to think through why it works.”

This is a course grounded in coaching principles that you take and run with, that you make your own. All with the goal that you Live Vibrantly — your way, on your own timeframe.


There are five different stages that make up the Live Vibrantly Method:

Through learning your own needs, wants, and priorities in each of these segments, you’re in a powerful position to start making real change. Deeper than this, you learn to walk away with real-life approaches to how these concepts relate to you. This is a starting point for finding sustainable, deeply personal practices that you can use for the rest of your life.

Over The Course Of Just Six Weeks


week one

We’ll work together to understand the principles of the Live Vibrantly Method.


week two

How they relate to your sense of self.


week three

How you leverage them in relation to others.


week four

How you apply the principles to your worlds of work.


Week Five

How you express yourself.


Week Six

Finally we bring it all back together and synthesize your take-aways and next steps.

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Curious what’s possible now?

I’m Ellie.

I’m a client-lead coach, a student-lead teacher, and user-lead creator.


I don’t believe in one-size-fits-all, and so every experience with me looks and sounds a little different. Not sold? Read on for a few words from my clients, rather than me knock you over the head with stats and stories.


“Working with Ellie was a life-changing experience for me.

She helped me move through a complicated intersection at a time when I was trying to decide how to move forward with my career, while also investing in a long-standing personal goal of going back to school. She is incredibly personable, and we connected instantly – I knew that I could talk to her about the things I felt overwhelmed with, and that she would see the best in me. Ellie was relentlessly supportive, motivating, and instinctively knew what I needed to stay accountable – she blew me away with her ability to make connections between the different parts of my life, simply helping me to see the many possibilities and potentials that I have, and helping me build a plan for how to bring my visions to life, even if they needed to be broken down into smaller and more manageable chunks. I would highly recommend Ellie – it was one of the best decisions I’ve made, and I will continue to work with her in the future.”


Seattle + Geneva, USA + Switzerland

“This was my first experience of coaching, and I loved it.

As a teacher I wasn’t sure how I could justify what I saw as the expense, but Ellie coached me through this. We’re so quick to say that ‘we can’t afford’ things but Ellie helped me see the value of coaching in terms of my overall priorities. I loved working with her. She put me at ease straight-away and it was easy to open up. I’m sold on coaching – I feel so much more powerful now!”


Seattle, USA

“I am a freelancer now and have never regretted my decision. Thanks Ellie!

“I have always been a quick decision maker, but when I was making the decision to go freelance, I felt that I needed the right support to think through my decision. With Ellie’s help, we went through a process of understanding and informed decision making- and it was great. 


Sydney, Australia

“I decided to work with Ellie because she’s extremely insightful, an excellent listener, and I knew she would challenge me in a loving and supportive manner.

The biggest thing I learned from working with Ellie is how to detach from the desired outcomes for myself and my clients. I learned to trust that whatever happens, whether it’s what I desired or not, is part of a my journey. I’ve been able to take pressure off of myself to facilitate massive break through’s for every client I work with by understanding that simply holding space for them may be exactly what they need in order to have a break through.

Melissa C


Interested, intrigued, inquisitive?

Yes! I hope you are because I truly believe that you, too, can Live a Vibrant life.