Two-weeks to Reprioritize, Refocus, Revitalize.

I won’t allow 2020 to get the best of us. If you’re like the majority of my clients, you may be feeling overwhelmed by the weight of the world — physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually running on fumes. You believe that now is the time to step up and do more — we all do. But, how can you possibly add one more item to your seemingly never-ending to-do list when you’re constantly teetering on the edge and feeling as though the world is happening to you, instead of you having agency over your own destiny. Trust me, you’re not alone.

It’s time to stop overwhelming your system in favor of reinvigorating and resetting, so that you can get the results you actually crave. Now is the time, not to fill your plate with more, but to pause, prioritize, and get on a trajectory toward true healing and growth, so you can make a lasting impact.

This unique two-week experience is your invitation into forward momentum on your terms.

With individualized, active support and a few ace tools in the arsenal, these super-charged sessions offer the hyper-effective reset you’ve been searching for and the space to zero in on a key aspect of your world in order to move forward with more confidence, ease, and happiness.

Ready to hit reset?


You receive three sessions with Ellie to get laser-focused on a specific area causing you major overwhelm — that’s personalized time with a coach that knows her shit and will continue to support you the entire way through. Forced to take a sharp left and are in desperate need of some assistance making key decisions in your business?

Struggling to stay afloat at work, while also attempting to invite proactive advocacy into your day-to-day? Putting off uncomfortable, but necessary conversations and in need a major confidence boost? Or maybe, you’re simply craving change — in yourself, in your community at large, and in the world — but don’t know where to start. Consider this your golden ticket to real results, fast.

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The Process

Before our first session, we’ll zero-in on the area you’re ready to work through with a few powerful pre-session exercises.
We begin with session one — which is a full 75 minutes — to ensure we don’t gloss over any of the good stuff. We’ll build awareness, see where you may be unknowingly giving away your energy to people and tasks that don’t serve you, and work through various scenarios to bomb-proof your plan for progress.
You’ll keep track of your wins between sessions with daily updates, while I keep track of all the other big things along the way.
We dive deep in sessions two and three (both an hour long), and you walk away with a step-by-step action plan, coupled with heightened clarity and a belief in your bones that you can do whatever it is you’ve set out to.


“Ellie is a fantastic coach.

As a new business owner, I came to Ellie feeling overwhelmed and needing support. During my session Ellie was able to quickly hone in on some areas where I needed guidance. I felt safe to talk to her about my fears and insecurities and because of that she helped me to uncover some beliefs that really weren’t serving me. We worked together to come up with a plan to tackle shifting these beliefs. Ellie saw my highest potential and helped me to see it too. I left our 90 minute session feeling seen, understood, and very motivated. I also had a 30 minute check in two weeks later to work through anything that had come up since our first session. I highly recommend working with Ellie!

Lauren L

Philly, USA

“Through our work together, Ellie supported me in getting clear on what I really needed.

Before I worked with Ellie, I felt scattered and wasn’t able to get clarity on many areas in my life. She listened to my needs, wants and desires. I felt comfortable talking about everything that was coming up for me. Ellie speaks with intention, listens to what you’re saying and what you’re not saying. She sees you! After my session, I felt that I had gained the clarity that I needed, I felt lighter and more connected to my inner self. The tools that Ellie has provided have set me up for success and I can always come back to them! I’m looking forward to diving deeper into this work!

Danielle W,

Washington DC

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Early Bird Access: You can access the 1:1 Vibrancy Now! 2-week Reset for only $695 until Sunday, June 21st saving $200. Flexible payment plans and a sliding scale based on income available, contact Ellie directly at, or set up a call to discuss.


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