The anti-worry LIST


You’re worried that if you don’t keep moving and doing you’re going to forget to do something really important.


You keep needing to add just ‘one more thing’ to your list and then it will all be ok.


You’re running on empty, but if you just push through a little more you’ll figure it all out - the calmness, clarity, and cohesion of the big picture are just one tick in your to-do-list away.

The result is you feel lighter, less rushed, more focused, and more in control!
Instead how would it feel to take things off your plate? Radical, yes, a little scary, yes, possible, YES – here’s your first step.
By using this tool, you’ll face your worries in a non-overwhelming way.

This is a lifelong practice you can adopt because it’s simple, it’s fun (hey, colorful post-its), and the framework, not your shoulders, carries the weight of the worry.

I love this tool so much. I believe it’s invaluable, but if you want to put a price tag on it. This Is the exact same process I used to use in my consulting days at $1500 a pop.

Yours for Free

Yes. I’m an over-sharer in the best way possible – I’m that friend who always brings three bottles of wine to a party.

““The Anti-Worry List is something I find myself practicing regularly well after completing my sessions with Ellie.

It helped me to rewire my little worried, jumbled brain and slow the eff down. I catch myself in a panic and can now do an Anti-Worry List in my head! Through this method, I’ve learned how to pause, breathe, get out all the worries, and this brings me clarity that the world really isn’t crashing down on my head. I get to re-prioritize in a way that feels doable in my actions, but more importantly aligned with how I need to feel when I approach life’s to-do list. Through time, this practice has become unconscious because I’ve proven over and over that if I worry less, I do more and feel better.”


I developed the Anti-Worry List to get me to calm the shit down, make empowered decisions on what came next, and (maybe most importantly), delete the things off my to-do lists that weren’t moving me forward. Your list cuts through the noise to clear out the clutter, sharpen your focus, and say hello again to your motivation.

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