Tired of peering into your bursting wardrobe, but feeling like you have nothing to wear?

Over that sense of pulling an item from your closet only to put it back because the voice in your head shouts that you “shouldn’t” or “couldn’t”?

Ready to (em)power up and have your clothes express who you are at epic proportions?

 We’re fed a lot of B.S. about how we should dress.

Historically, our bodies and how we choose to express ourselves through the clothes we wear has been heavily politicized and policed, and the trend continues today. Through Whyte Hegemony and patriarchy, how we adorn ourselves has been reduced to a few singular ideas of beauty—white, thin, girl-next-door, sexy but not too sexy, the list goes on. We have to get it “right” to be safe, to be seen (but not too seen), and to be deemed to be “of value” to society. I’m here to put an end to all of that. You have permission to wear what you want, how you want, for any reason that makes sense to you. How good does that sound?

Having the autonomy to define your own style values is deeply freeing, fun, and affirming. This is what style coaching and my WhyWantWear program is all about. Firmly body and taste positive, I believe what you like is amazing and needs to be celebrated.

I’m not here to tell you what to wear. I’m here to work through why you’re not wearing the things you want. Ultimately, I’m here to help you feel incredible, let go of guilt and shame, and level-up to your full, vibrant self. If you’ll let me, I’ll help empower you to fall back in love with both your body and your style on your own terms.

I’m Ellie.

Ever since I saw a giant smile crack the lips of a friend having a terrible day as she tried on a skirt that made her feel so good, I’ve been committed to the idea that clothes are powerful AF. It was 2014 and I was living in Nairobi, having recently relocated my life, bursting suitcases, and intense love of helping people feel good. I’d re-started my side-hustle vintage clothing business about six months earlier. I was running a successful start-up, so I didn’t really have time for my pop-ups, but something kept me coming back.

Seeing my friend’s face, it all clicked. The real reason I spent an hour finding pieces and bringing them together was that it made a real difference in people’s lives. Simply by helping others find clothes that they loved, I had a front-row seat on how the experience changed their whole being. I was hooked. Clothes have real power. They are one of the most tangible ways of expressing ourselves, engaging with the world, and, sadly, have often been minimized by outdated rules about female bodies.

Since that point, I’ve been on a mission to harness the power of clothes for good. And now, I’ve found a way to support people on their pathway to their most vibrant selves simply by helping change up their relationship with the daily to-do of getting dressed. And thus, WhyWantWear, my proprietary approach to style coaching was born.

Curious? Great.


We meet online three times over the span of two weeks to work through your intentions, your wants, and anything that’s getting in the way of the merging of the two. Here’s exactly how we’ll empower you to wear what you want:

WHY: The process starts by filling out a pre-session questionnaire focused on your behaviour and beliefs around how you dress, plus we get exceptionally clear on what exactly it is you want to shift. Consider this the deep dive. You keep track of and work through your “whys” in a tangible, empowering way.

WANT: You come to session two with your new beliefs — yes to you! You’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting, so now we get to celebrate your wins together by exploring what you actually like through creating your style values. At the end of this powerful session, you make these values your own by moving into the fun part: wearing your clothes! This marks the start of your seven-day “wear what you want” celebration. You receive a tracker uniquely designed for you and your style, and get dressed every day in order to track what’s going on as you move through your wardrobe with newfound confidence and inspiration.

WEAR: We wrap just as powerfully as we started by exploring what came up during your style celebration, and examining what maybe still needs to be tweaked for the long-haul. Finally, you lock in your style values with quarterly updates for continued, long-term support. Ready to fall in love with your wardrobe again?

all the details

The Process


You say yes!


You get a warm, digital hug of a welcome pack including your prep work and notes on how to maximise the experience.


Session one is 75 minutes of diving in deep about what’s getting in the way of you owning your style, so that we can look beyond and see what could be.


Session two is 60 minutes of getting super clear on what you want, how you prefer to dress, and what it could look like if you showed up in that way. You’ll outline your style values as a blueprint for edits and additions to your wardrobe, so you don’t get overwhelmed in the process.


You complete your 7-day “style celebration” and on the final day, we meet for a 60-minute round-up of how to lock in all the good stuff you learned, while you go out in the world as the empowered and fully expressed version of you.

I’ve designed this process to be as easeful and engaging as possible AND get you epic results.


Through this process you’ll walk away:


Empowered to make your choices your way for your wardrobe.

Without the stress and overwhelm of a stuffed wardrobe with nothing to wear.
Renewed and revitilized with the energy to level-up your life, business, and relationships.
A refined sense of who you are, and excited to express that fully every day.

Equipped with your style values that work within your lifestyle, budget, & aesthetics.

Celebrating the way your unique body looks and feels in the clothes that you like.


‘I would describe this as a two-week personal style re-alignment or recalibration. A fashion pleasure vaca that helps me get out of yoga pant boredom and into stylish & exciting ooh-lala! Haha’

Dressing like a CEO Goddess This was a great little adventure. By helping them realize that getting styled is a way to become even more deeply aligned with their vibrancy and essence, time to stop playing small.

My experience working with Ellie came at precisely the right time. Through this two-week process, I finally released my yoga pant pattern and started creating a pleasurable daily ritual that made me feel luscious. I realized how much I was playing small by not allowing myself to wear (or BE) in my desired sensations, look, and how much this plays into the simplicity of self-care. I do this for ME now and it’s been brilliant. Thanks Ellie!


Canary Islands

“I loved this process! My life has been full of changes lately and I’d forgotten the value of 10-minutes in the morning just for me.

In just 2-weeks my energy has completely shifted and I feel more like me then I have for years. As a mom and entrepreneur, it’s easy to minimize your needs, but it’s dangerous ground to lose yourself. Now I’m back to my sparkly self and I’ve seen a pick up in business and more importantly my own happiness. I thought we’d just work on my wardrobe, but we went deep into my soul. I almost didn’t do it as I didn’t think I could justify the expense, but this is a bargain for what it actually offers up. Ellie is so fun to work with, her coaching is very loving without holding the punches.”


Nashville, USA

“I didn’t know what to fully expect when going into the session, but I knew I was really fed up with my closet bursting open, but also not wearing about 90% of it day to day.

I’ve been an avid collector for years and years and held onto things that were no longer seeing the light of day just because I couldn’t let it go. After being in lockdown and getting sick of the overwhelming amount of stuff I have, I decided enough was enough and got on a call with Ellie. I was really shocked when this moved away from ‘what is my style, what do you want to wear’ and straight into deeper shit I was holding onto around body image, unapologetic self-expression, and old stories I was holding onto in the form of clothing.”



“Just do this program! It’s a life-changing experience that has made all the difference.

I wanted a wardrobe overhaul to sort my bulging closest, but wow – this was so good. I can’t put into words what this has meant to me – do it and experience it for yourself.”


New York, NY

“Style coaching with Ellie helped me take control of and maximize a confusing closet.

After several moves across different countries and cultures over eight years, my closet was a mish-mash of styles. Ellie’s style coaching led me to understand what I *like* to wear for my life NOW, how to identify pieces that work well for me, and even how to put outfits together maximizing some of my favorite pieces that normally sat in the back of the closet waiting for “that perfect occasion.” Ellie’s style coaching also helped me see that the perfect occasion is NOW to wear some of my favorite accessories and pieces to up style my everyday wear. I now look at my closet, outfits, and clothes shopping in a more thoughtful and fun way, all thanks to Ellie!’


Los Angeles, CA


Let’s Get started

Let’s make style coaching a part of your everyday! Flexible payment plans and a sliding scale based on income available, contact Ellie directly at ellie@elliehighamcoaching.com, or set up a call to discuss.


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